Woodhall Press serves authors, not shareholders. We raise emerging writers into the global marketplace and partner with seasoned authors to promote their past and current projects.




  • Christopher Madden
    Christopher Madden The Details

    Christopher reads everything – every manuscript and every receipt. You probably appreciated his detailed feedback on your last submission. A serial entrepreneur and small-business owner, Chris reviews the account books at Woodhall Press with the same attention to detail that he gives to every manuscript in production. He also collects the dividends from our distribution partners, pays our production partners, and dispenses royalties to our authors. If you have a question about your account, contact Christopher.

  • David LeGere
    David LeGere The Arrangements

    David is the one who returned your call. In fact, he probably called you in the first place. With ten years of editorial experience, David has edited more than two-hundred books and worked with a vast network of industry professionals. He knows what to do, how to do it, and who can help. In addition to working as an editor for Rowman & Littlefield’s trade division, David teaches writing at Fairfield University and the University of New Haven. As an acquiring editor for FalconGuides, he specializes in outdoor/adventure titles with notable releases such as the upcoming Why We Climb, Walks of a Lifetime, and Women Who Surf. He believes that life is an adventure waiting to happen, and a great book helps us take that first step.

  • Colin Hosten
    Colin Hosten The Outreach

    You met Colin at a conference or at a bookstore. That’s why you’re here, looking up Woodhall Press. When he’s not teaching writing at Fairfield University, or striking up conversations with complete strangers, Colin works as an editor for Disney Publications. He edited several of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, among other bestsellers. He continues to expand Woodhall Press’s profile among the publishers of the New York metro area, while increasing our visibility with up-and-coming writers. Colin also holds masters degrees in publishing and creative writing, so he’s committed to blending those two worlds. If you don’t already have a selfie with him, you will soon.