Mentoring Teenage Heroes


Mentoring Teenage Heroes is written for parents, teachers, coaches, and other ex-adolescents who now guide today’s teenagers along the heroic journey from childhood to adulthood — a rite of passage as old as the ancient myths that metaphorically describe it. Those myths echo through contemporary books and movies and the real-world experience of growing up. For most adults, daily life is a routine grind. For teenagers, it’s an epic struggle for identity. Available for purchase in ebook or paperback at your local bookstore and online through and


About the author

Matthew WinklerMatthew P. Winkler has taught and mentored teenagers at middle schools, high schools, and colleges in New York, New England, China, and Japan. He currently serves as the Writer in Residence at The Rectory School in Connecticut. Mentoring Teenage Heroes is his first book. Learn more at